Download Chapter 1 of Coach: A Story of Success Redefined

Cooper Travis was the guy that had it all - money, leader of a successful company, beautiful wife and much more. He had everything that our culture and society considers successful.
Why would he attempt to end his life?

The debut novel from Tim Winders: husband, father, grandfather, minister, coach, consultant, writer & podcast host. He helps leaders & leadership teams operate at their best.

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    How Do We Define Success?

    Join Cooper Travis as he travels a road that everyone should travel. The journey of discovering true success. He will be forced to question everything he believes as he is molded into the man he was created to be. Along the way he is impacted by a unique and at times supernatural mentor that forces Cooper to redefine success.


    “As for your questions of why and how, the answer to both is that you are here because you are at a place in your life where you finally desire to identify your true purpose and live the life that you have always been created to live. You are here to redefine your life. To redefine success. You are here to become the man you were created to be.”

    A Story for Today

    The books of Og Mandino and Patrick Lencioni gave us fables that entertained us but also taught us valauble lessons in life, leadership and business. Inspired by these parables and a lifetime of expereinces, Tim Winders has written fiction with a purpose that will encourage you to live a life with more love, faith and peace.